FIND | Reversible Tote Bag

Sometimes I find something so good that I have to share it.

I've been on the hunt for a new purse for a while now with no luck.  I love a nice, expensive (relatively anyway) purse, but I haven't found one that I've loved enough to pull the trigger on.  Here's the thing, my purse is really a catch all for lots of things and I often compare it to Mary Poppins bag as I clean it out each week and find myself pulling out the most random collection of toys and trinkets.  My purse also regularly falls victim to dirty tissues, goldfish crumbs, sticky lollipop sticks, and applesauce pouch explosions.  So while I love an expensive bag, it's just not really practical for day to day right now.

I think I fell in love when I came across this on the Nordstrom website last week.  It showed up on Friday and I'm in love.  The vegan leather looks great.  It's huge, which I love.  Mint and cognac.  Includes a zippered pouch (you know I love those!), and only $50!  Plus FREE shipping from Nordstrom!  Are you ordering one yet????