SHOP | Let's stay in touch!

When I started DFD about 4 years ago, the success of the business was almost entirely based on reaching customers through Facebook.  It was like clockwork.  I would post an update and I'd have an order 30 minutes later.  My fan base has grown tremendously since then (1800+ followers), but I'm lucky if 100 people see a post.  Time and time again I've had customers reach out because they're frustrated that they missed out on a sale, ordering deadline, or didn't see a new product or important announcement.  I totally get that Facebook is a business and they have to make changes, but I hate that it means that people that WANT to see my update aren't seeing them.  (Yes, I know you  can ask customers to "get notifications" but posting that isn't going to reach that many people at this point and most people aren't aware of that option).

Enter my newsletter.  This has been on my to-do list for at least a year.  I don't want to send you spam.  I don't want to (and never will!) share or sell your email address.  I just want you to know when something awesome is going on!  New products!  Sales!  Holiday Deadlines!

So if you want to know what's going on, sign up HERE.  I'm planning to have our first newsletter out later this week and rumor has that there will be a pretty good coupon code for the first subscribers.  ;)

I'm looking forward to staying in touch!