LIFE | Gabe turns 3!

I still kind of can't believe that I have a 3 year old!  He turned 3 a few weeks ago, but we waited on his party so that his dad could be there.  For the past few months I've been asking Gabe if he wanted a dinosaur (he loves them!) party or a helicopter (I wanted to have the party at the Pima Air and Space Museum) party and every time he chose dinosaurs, so dinosaurs it was!

I turned to my girl, Pinterest, for all the ideas.  We opted for a morning party at the park so I kept things relatively simple with some light snacks.

I allowed the playground to provide most of the entertainment, but I did set up a few bowls of sand and excavating tools for a fun dino dig.  This was a hit and most kids started looking for fossils as soon as they arrived!

Gabes outfit was custom made just for him the night before (of course)!  The party hats were just solid hats from party city with the spikes glued on.  

I'm not a baker, so I left the cake to Whole Foods and I'm glad I did.  One less thing for me to worry about and it was yummy!

And of course we had some dinosaur goodies for our special guests.  I loaded up these cute little boxes with lots of dino goodies from Amazon.  Praise the Lord for Amazon Prime since I literally didn't even think about these until the Tuesday before the party!

I hope you enjoyed this recap of Gabe's dino-mite party!

If you'd like any specific sources, please let me know!