WEAR | Save or Splurge:: Baseball Caps

As we approach our first summer in the Arizona sun, I've been thinking about summer essentials that we need to stock up on.  At the top of the list is hats!  I know the sun will be brutal and that little bit of shade will help protect our skin and maybe make the heat a little more bearable.  Baseball caps and style usually don't mix, but I think I've found a few that you'll love.

I was thrilled to see that J. Crew had released a few cute, feminine ball caps.  I love this one.

And this chambray one would go with everything.

And this monogram one is adorable, too.

But y'all, these are all $34.50-$58!  For something that, let's face it, is going to cover dirty hair!  It's just a splurge I can't justify!

So imagine my excitement when I found these!

All for $15.95 each!  Thank you, American Eagle Outfitters!  I've already brought the chambray polka dots and floral home with me and I'm debating on the lace.  Those 2 hats cost less than half of the least expensive J. Crew one!  And if you love the monogram, why not get one with one with YOUR monogram?!?

I've ordered from this Etsy seller and I love my monogram hat!

So what do you love???  The splurge or the steal???

Splurge:: Floral // Chambray // Monogram
Steal:: Lace // Chambray // Floral // Monogram