Life | Polar Express

Things have been much busier than normal around here!  Holiday orders have kept me very busy the past few weeks (thank you!), but they're all done so I'm hoping to check in here a little more often.  Even though I've been busy sewing, we did manage to squeeze in a quick weekend getaway to Flagstaff, AZ to take a ride on the Polar Express!

We met one of our favorite families in Williams, AZ earlier this month for the train ride and then spent the weekend renting a house in Flagstaff.  I've mentioned this before, but Gabe is OBSESSED with trains, so I had a feeling this trip would be a huge success!

As expected, he was blown away by getting to ride on a REAL train!

Both my boys were mesmerized as the train pulled into the station.

And we had a bit of fun in the snow while we waited to board.  My husband is definitely in the running for dad of the year.  ;)

Once we were on board, we enjoy cookies (made by Mrs. Claus!), hot chocolate, and sang Christmas carols.  Of course, we couldn't leave blankee behind!

There was even a visit from the big guy himself!

The next day we wanted to take the kids out to enjoy the snow.  These beach born babies wanted no part of that.  I think we spent more time bundling them all up than we actually did outside!

I swear, he asked for the shovel!

And he was done.  He didn't fall or slip here.  He pretty much just stopped standing.  And then was upset because he was covered in snow.  Parenting fail.  :/

Overall, it was a great trip and will hopefully be an annual one while we're living in Arizona!