SHOP | Introducing... the Skirt of the Month Club!

I am so thrilled to have launched our new Skirt of the Month Club!  This is an idea that I've had floating around for over a year, so I'm very excited to see it come to fruition!  Do you want a little background on this idea???

I've loved offering skirts and I know that you all love them for your girls.  However, I just don't have the space to store LOTS of skirt fabrics and it's not very efficient for me to order fabric every time I get an order for one.  I've spent the past few months thinking about the best way for me to continue to offer, make and price our skirts.  The Club will allow those of you who love DFD skirts to get a new one every month!  I don't know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail and it's a little more fun when it's a surprise!  I promise, they will all be super cute!  I've had so much fun browsing for fabrics for the upcoming spring months!  Some months may have a holiday themed skirt, some whimsical, and some more simple.  I know that our skirts can have a long life with girls (just add some leggings and you're good to go!), so we want to help you build a a fabulous skirt wardrobe!

3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions are available - all with FREE shipping!  The 12 month subscription is a Baker's Dozen!  That means you get 13 skirts for the price of 12!  I'll send along a special surprise birthday skirt for the recipient!  Just a little bonus to say thank you!

Of course, we'll touch base with you each month to see if you need to make any changes to the size you receive.  And we're always happy to take custom measurements from you!  I know my moms with tall, skinny girls especially appreciate this!

What if you don't want a subscription, but you do still want DFD skirts on occasion?  Well, the Club is the best way to make sure you get our cutest skirts at the best price, but we will order a little extra fabric each month for those of you who just want one skirt.  We've also simplified our skirt pricing.  All skirts (sizes NB-6) will now be $15!

Thinking about signing up???  Space is limited and the deadline to receive the February skirt will be here in a few days!  We can't wait to have you in the Club!