Life | Soaking up the Summer

As you might guess, September in Tucson, AZ feels much more like summer than it does fall.  And while a big part of me wants to put on boots, jeans, and a chunky cardigan and go sip a pumpkin spice latte, I've decided to embrace the summer.

We spent this morning swimming in the pool and snacking on watermelon slices and I have no complaints.  Well, maybe one.  All summer I've been wanting to get one of those classic kid photos of Gabe sitting in the grass munching on a watermelon slice with juice running down his chin and onto his round little belly.

Of course, my son, who doesn't really like bubble baths because they get bubbles on him, was not having any messy eating.  In fact, it was a challenge to get him to hold the watermelon slice himself while he took small, neat bites.  I guess a clean, less sticky summer moment isn't so bad.