Sewing Studio | Update

Moving is hard work!  And we have a lot of stuff!  I'll admit, now that the house is "livable" (not the same as presentable!), I've lost a little steam when it comes to unpacking.  Maybe brown boxes are in... I mean, who really needs things on their walls???  Any one else feel a bit intimidated when comes to hanging things in a new space?  I use 3m strips as much as I can, so it's easy to change things around without any damage, but we have a few big pieces that definitely need anchors.  And that scares me a little!

On to the sewing studio...
After all our household goods arrived it look like this:

Yesterday it looked like this:

I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but I suspect my husband has tossed a few things in there that don't belong.  I've started unpacking sorting through everything, but it's a lot.  In our old house, my husband and I shared an office space.  Well, correction.  My husband had an office that I took over when I started the business without actually moving him out of it.  So a lot of the boxes that I'm unpacking are full of buttons and elastic (mine), but I'm also finding notepads and about 100 dry erase markers (his).  In this house, he'll have an office space in our guest room, so I'm having to work to sort our supplies.  I'm finding with unpacking that everything is taking longer than I think it will!  So the big question, when will I reopen???  Soon!  Keep your fingers crossed for long naps from my little guy and I'll keep you guys updated!  I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to start sewing again.  I have so many ideas for fall and holiday, updates to the style collection, and more!

(I'm planning to start blogging more and sharing more about our lives and DFD in this space!  So bookmark us or add us to your reader!  The new website is still under construction, so if you see any links that aren't working or if there's anything you'd like to see here that I don't have, let me know!)