WEAR | Girls Night Out

I completely forget to share this dress with y'all and I love it so much!  I wore this for girl's night out a few weeks ago.

It paired paired perfectly with my distressed denim jacket for a cool desert night.

A few pattern notes for anyone looking to stitch this up...  I had originally planned to make this dress with the skirt in this fabric and the top in navy polka dots.  When the fabric arrived the knits were different, not the same weight or stretch, so I was nervous about pairing them together.  So I was actually about to squeeze this dress and the navy polka dot version (see below) out of just a yard and half each!  For reference, I made the extra small.  I also had to cut the armhole strips just a bit longer (maybe 2 inches) than called for to get them to fit in the floral version.  I would definitely recommend the Heather Ross knit for someone working with knits for the first time.  It's a good weight and doesn't have too much stretch.  The polka dots are a lighter weight and a lot stretchier.

Dress:: Out and About Dress // Floral Fabric:: Heather Ross //Polka Dot Fabric:: Riley Blake