WEAR | These are the days

Motherhood is interesting, isn't it?  Much desired (for many of us), so exhausting in so many ways, so rewarding, so messy, so full of love.  I know that these are the days.  These 1000 or so days of his life when he's home with me.  When I'm his world.  That's it, about 1000 days before he goes to preschool and starts exploring the world on his own, with other people.  And I only have a couple hundred of those 1000 days left at best.  And yes, I'm counting them down, but I'll miss him, too.  But lets be real, it doesn't always feel like these are the days when I haven't showered, when I'm working my way out of an endless laundry pile, when I'm cleaning up bathroom accidents from potty training.  Those do not seem like the days, but even in those days, there are the moments.  An unexpected hug, a hand tugging at me to "come play", a quiet observance as he quietly sings a song to himself that I've been singing to him since he was born.  In those moments, I know in fact, that these are the days.  As I type this, I have 30 pounds of love cuddled up next to me watching his favorite cartoon (Dinosaur Train - highly recommend for the toddler boy crowd).  His little head on my shoulder, asking to cuddle because he's "sooo cold", I don't know if today will be a special day, but I know that this moment is.  (I also recommend reading THIS).

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