LIFE | Happy spring! {and a flash sale!}

The weather this year has been crazy, right???  This is our first  year in Tucson so we're still figuring out the weather here.  I think we've had handful of days with highs in the 50s, but that's the coldest that it's been!  And I'm pretty sure those days were actually in fall, not the winter!  I've heard that it's been unseasonably warm here, while it seems like most of the rest of the country has been struck by Elsa's curse!  (You know you've already watched Frozen more times than you'd care to admit this week.}  We spent yesterday morning enjoying an empty U of A campus for our play date.  It was a morning filled with sunshine, sticks, and singing!

I know it may not feel like it everywhere, but spring is officially here!  Let's celebrate with a surprise flash sale!