Life | Hello out there???

Oh, yes.  I decided I wanted to blog more.  And I did.  For like a week.  Oops.  But it's ok.  I have some good reasons.  First, these.

Lots of them.  What felt like a never-ending stack of them last week.  I am so thankful for "turkey season" every year, but man, it's a lot of work.  They all shipped on schedule (hooray!) and my studio feels quite empty now.

Also, this guy.

He's made of energy.  It's like he's sneaking coffee when I'm not looking.  He's talking up a storm, which is AWESOME!  I LOVE knowing what he wants and that he can ask for things now, but man, he keeps me busy!

I didn't share this earlier for reasons that will hopefully be obvious, but while Gabe and I moved to Tucson 2+ months ago, my hubby has still been in Albuquerque finishing up his training.  As of this weekend, we all officially live under one roof!

Sesame Street LIVE!  Gabe's dream come true!

This solo parenting gig is hard, and it means the only free time I have is when Gabe is sleeping (and praise the Lord, he's an awesome sleeper!).  So I'm hoping that now that I have my backup here, I'll be able to spend a little more time updating you guys on life, the shop, and anything else I find to be interesting.

Check back here soon, I've been doing a lot behind the scenes to prep for Christmas and can't wait to share what I've been working on with you!