Life | Choo-choo! Look who's 2!

We spent the past weekend celebrating Gabe's 2nd birthday!  It's hard to believe that this tiny baby is now a big toddler!

Since we're new to Tucson and well, don't really have any friends yet, we opted not to have a party and just have a small family celebration over the weekend.  Gabe has recently expressed a strong interest in trains, so his big gift this year was a new train table.  We were so fortunate to have our family contribute with tracks and sets and trains and now Gabe has a pretty awesome train table!  And he loves it!

The cute train cake is from Village Bakehouse in Tucson.  I may be crafty, but a baker I am not!  I decided to leave this one to the professionals!

Of course, a birthday in the DFD household wouldn't be complete without a special birthday shirt, with what?  Trains, of course!

A few years ago I had a request for a train shirt.  So I designed a train and I've been selling it for a few years now.  It's always been especially popular with the 2-3 year old crowd, which I understand now.  Confession: I've always hated that design!  It's totally my fault since I designed it, but I hated all the small parts and how I had to change thread several times to complete it.  I always dreaded making them!  So I FINALLY had a good reason to redesign my train, and I love this one!  I think the simple silhouette is more in line with my design aesthetic and I enjoy making this one!  I hope you love it as much as I do!  It's in the shop now and ready to order.  I chose these fabrics as the "default" fabrics and love the little red caboose, but if you'd like something else, just let me know!  Unfortunately, this design is too long for me to fit on a bodysuit, but it's adorable on our tees!