LIFE | The Ocean

Last week Gabe and I loaded up the car and took an impromptu trip to the beach.  We met some friends, stayed in a cottage on the sand, skipped nap to play in the ocean, and had an all around wonderful time.  I know we were only 2 weeks into this deployment, but I think Gabe and I were both needing a change of scenery.  I don't know what it is about the beach that's so refreshing, but I think we both came home in a better mood and and with a better outlook for the next few months.

I had told Gabe about our beach trip a few days in advance (MISTAKE- do not tell a toddler anything in advance!) and he was upset anytime we went somewhere in the car that didn't end at the ocean.  I don't think he anticipated how long the drive to the ocean would be, but he was a little road warrior.  As we got into San Diego, he looked out the window and said, "I see California!"  Even though he spent the first 18 months of his life living very close the beach, he never really enjoyed it and I knew he didn't remember it, so I was anxious to see what he would think of the ocean when it wasn't just something we read about in books.  His sea life books are some of his favorites, so I think he was well prepared.  Good news, he LOVED it and was upset anytime we weren't able to be right at the water.

It was such a relaxing couple of days.  We hung out at our cottage, cooked out with our friends, played in the waves, and went on a run along the beach.  

Scenes from our run.

Playtime at the beach.

Bye, Ocean.  Until next time...